Apinex Kunststofftechnologie GmbH - Production

Our production capacity is designed for pilot production, small-scale batches as well as large-scale production. We handle the mass production of plastic parts for the automotive, telecommunications, electronics, household appliance industries as well as the medical sector. We employ state-of-the-art production methods, such as all-electric injection-molding machines with high-speed handling robots. Instead of dropping off the mold, the molded components are picked by the robot and deposited for packing with the parts segregated by mold cavity. Complex interlinked production and automation units, such as stamping presses, laser, pick-and-place units etc. are developed and used more often in order to fabricate your product or your assembly group in an optimized price and quality relation. The entire production area is continuously online supported by our ERP System as well as other EDV Systems. Our highly trained staff, periodic quality checks and technical equipment, such as internal pressure sensors, temperature sensors and camera surveillance systems safeguard the high quality of APINEX products.

Periodic quality checks

We operate high-precision measuring equipment to inspect our products. At the outset the appropriate quality-assurance requirements for each product are determined, discussed and agreed with our customers.
Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Cleanroom Manufacturing for highest claims

For the manufacturing and packaging of plastic parts and components with the highest standards of cleanness, we have a clean room (clean room class ISO 8 according to EN ISO 14644) available for a controlled manufacturing environment. Air quality, temperature and air humidity are carefully matched. With fastidious cleanness criteria, contamination related waste can be avoided. This results in a positive impact on our product quality and economy.

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In the reel-to-reel process the end product is manufactured on a carrier strip. Upon completion of each manufacturing step, the carrier strip is wound onto a reel. Likewise, in the reel-to-reel molding, the strip carrying the molded product is wound onto a reel which, once full, is shipped to the customer for further processing. APINEX offers complete turn-key reel-to-reel molding systems. It is also possible to separate the parts from the carrier strip and then place them into suitable trays in order to facilitate subsequent manufacturing processes.

High-precision Plastic Parts

We handle the mass production of high-precision plastic parts for the automotive, telecommunications, electronics, household appliances industries as well as the medical sector. For example, we employ state-of-the art production methods with high-speed handling robots. Instead of dropping off the mold, the molded components are picked, counted and packed by robot systems, separated by mold cavity.

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Apinex Kunststofftechnologie GmbH - Mikrosystemtechnik

Microsystems Technology

The demand for small components in the industry increases as the mini end products all over the world win their popularity. Our wide experience and the continuous strive for the improvements make it possible to mold sophisticated, high quality and with the total weight of 1/1000g parts, with our up to 32 cavities, high precision tools. We offer you, based on your needs, an optimal, costs reducing but efficient production line with stable processes and evident means of controlling. Automatic production and packaging can be executed with clean-room technology for a small run or a million edition. A continuous quality control as well as a complete documentation is a standard for all our products.

Components assembly

In our self designed assembly areas we are able to assemble plastic parts to complete end products or to just half complete sub assemblies, in small or big quantities. We offer enrichment processes, we work with your suppliers to offer you a complete solution for your products. Quality and cost effectiveness are our and your priority.

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Apinex Kunststofftechnologie GmbH - Insert-Technik (Hybridtechnologie)

Insert Molding Technology

The insert molding technology comprises an innovative injection-molding technique in which very complex metal parts are perfectly filled or over-molded with plastic material. In the field of insert molding technology, APINEX offers high-precision molds, develops complete production systems as well as in-house mass production.